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Indoor Air Quality (IAQ)

Creating Healthy Indoor Air Quality in Schools Comprehensive Website

EPA’s comprehenisve schools website providing guidance, tools and resources related to indoor air quality in schools.

Energy Savings Plus Health: Indoor Air Quality Guidelines for School Building Upgrades

This guidance helps school districts administer the relationship between energy efficiency and IAQ in schools during school renovation or new construction projects. Using the guidance and tools helps to reduce health risks and improve energy efficiency. This Web page gives you access to guidelines, examples of school energy efficiency projects, the Interactive Air Quality Planner and additional resources.

Healthy Indoor Environments in Schools Webinar Series

The Health Indoor Environments in Schools Webinar Series is intended to help school staff working to ensure that schools are healthy place to work and learn. The web-based webinar series cover best ventilation and cleaning practices.

IAQ Design Tools for Schools

IAQ Design Tools for Schools website provides both detailed guidance as well as links to other information resources to help design new schools as well as repair, renovate existing facilities.  Though its primary focus is on IAQ, it is also intended to encourage school districts to embrace the concept of designing sustainable schools.

IAQ Knowledge to Action Professional Training Series

The IAQ Knowledge to Action Professional Training Webinar Series builds on foundational technical knowledge and increases capacity to take immediate action. Topics covered include funding, assessments and walkthroughs using the IAQ Mobile App, staff training, gaining buy-in, and using evaluation and data to improve your IAQ management program.

IAQ Master Class Professional Training Webinar Series

The IAQ Master Class Webinar Series is designed to build capacity and provide robust foundational technical knowledge to start, improve or sustain an IAQ management program. The comprehensive web-based webinar series is comprised of ten 1-hour trainings features technical experts, industry leaders and school district staff from across the country.

IAQ Tools for Schools Preventive Maintenance Guidance and Tools

This guidance walks school districts through the steps to develop and implement an IAQ preventive maintenance plan. School and school district staff will find tips to help make the case for a preventive maintenance plan and gain the buy-in needed from your school community. You also will find detailed guidance on the importance of facility walkthroughs and assessments, integrated pest management (IPM), green cleaning, heating, ventilating, air conditioning (HVAC) equipment upkeep, and mold and moisture prevention, and how you can include them in your plan. Find tips on staffing and communication, as well as ways to evaluate your program to make your IAQ preventive maintenance plan a success.

IAQ Tools for Schools: Framework for Effective School IAQ Management

The Framework for Effective School IAQ Management is a set of strategies, approaches and techniques that can be used to put the IAQ Tools for Schools guidance into action immediately to achieve results using 6 key drivers and successful strategies. The Framework also offers seven Technical Solutions. which outline the major IAQ issues that can be address in order to achieve reliable, clean, efficient and healthy indoor environments in schools.

Improving Academic Performance Through Better Indoor Air Quality in Schools

A comprehensive set of resources that helps school districts make the important connection between indoor air quality, student academic performance and bettering student health. The resources help districts to learn about the impacts and how they can improve a school’s indoor environment.

Indoor Air Quality Tools for Schools Action Kit.

The Indoor Air Quality Tools for Schools (IAQ TfS) Kit is a comprehensive collection of information necessary to assess, improve and implement an effective IAQ management plan at little- or no cost using straightforward activities and in-house staff. The Action Kit includes information on best practices, industry guidelines, sample policies and a sample IAQ management plan.

Managing Asthma in the School Environment

Helpful resource tool to assist school district with taking action to manage asthma triggers in the school environment. The guide contains useful tips and steps to develop an asthma management program, including reducing asthma triggers and helpful case studies.

School IAQ Assessment Mobile App

The School IAQ Assessment Mobile App provides schools access to EPA’s comprehensive school IAQ management guidance and detailed walkthrough assessment checklists that address critical building-related environmental health issues.